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My dad’s service was, as far as I’m concerned anyway, wonderful. Of course it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss my dad. I’m still having a difficult time realizing I won’t hear his voice on the phone sometime soon.

And yes, I played Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence. For some reason, in the third verse, the “oboe” (hah … NEVER the oboist!) meandered into a territory the oboist didn’t expect. So I had to force the oboe to behave and I whipped it into submission. Oh well. Even at my own father’s memorial I am imperfect. Can you imagine?

But I thought the service was very good. The pastor and a dear friend of ours described my father so well you’d get a good idea of what he was like from what they said. And the service glorified God. That would mean a lot to dad.

Now “real life”, I suppose, begins again. It’s difficult to imagine. But there you go.

Even somebody snoring can be music.

-Todd Reynolds Read here.

This is good to know … I often enjoy music as I’m sleeping. 😉

The title of this post is another quote, btw. (Well of course all my readers knew that already, yes?) And Jameson will be doing the play soon. (“Marvellous sweet music” is not one of his lines, though, as he is playing Prospero.)

I think I’ll do a list of music quotes from Shakespeare.