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About a young Iraqi oboist:

Q: What makes you feel better when you feel sad?

A: Playing music. Get happy and think about a great life.

See it here.

I shared the Colbert bassoon video … little did I know there were more exciting videos for you to see!

Nutcracker. Bassoonist. Bad Reed. What to do?

Flight of the Bumblebee on bassoon (Very fun, too, since we know Dr. Ewell is a wee bit older now).

Air Bassoon!

Besame Mucho

Gettin’ Down & Dirty

Pretty Darn High

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Q: Is it true that all oboe players are virgins?

A: You know that might be true. I don’t know if it’s true, but I would understand why if it were.

Answer given by Branford Marsalis. Heard here.

I’m sure my three children would agree. 😉

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I said I wasn’t tagged, but … hah! I just found out that Brian tagged me so wiithout knowing it I did play tag. I’ve just not been visiting all the blogs I normally visit this past week for, I’m sure, a reason most can understand. Sorry, Brian … I only saw your post now.

Getting back to work
Come Monday things start getting back to whatever “normal” will mean now. I have students. I begin the universities again. Symphony Silicon Valley begins shortly after (the first rehearsal of the set is January 15, MLK day). That set is another second oboe killer. Sigh.

Today I’m beat, so it’s an afternoon nap for me, I think.

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Music oft hath such a charm
To make bad good, and good provoke to harm.

-Shakespeare (Measure for Measure, 4.1.14)