08. January 2007 · Comments Off on More · Categories: imported, Ramble

Someone emailed me to ask about the videos I put up yesterday—she was wondering about the way the oboists appeared to be swallowing the reed. Good question!

I don’t do that. I take in very little reed, actually. A lot of us in the US take in less reed, although it does vary. So far the only oboists I’ve found on YouTube are from other parts of the world. I suspect it has a lot to do with copyright laws here; no one wants to get sued! But I’ll continue to look around and see if I can find some oboists who have what I thnk of as a more “American sound” and embouchure.

Meanwhile … enjoy a little jazz with jazz “oboman” Jean-Luc Fillon. You’ll see (and hear) him play other instruments as well … English horn and duduk. The cymbal player ain’t bad either! 😉

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