After my “holiday” (playing The Nutcracker through December 24 doesn’t exactly make things a true holiday!) students who aren’t aware of what happened here have said, “I hope you had a great vacation!”

Being unprepared, I simply stated the truth.

I need to learn how to respond … what to say without making them uncomfortable. But today I simply hadn’t thought of what to say.

Meanwhile it really was good to get back to work today. Students! I really do love to see and teach my students. Tomorrow I also get to meet with a person who has been a reader of this blog (hey Ben!) … and he’s from Australia. Is that cool or what? I think I’ll be meeting another blog reader (hi Cooper!) in … is it February? I think so. And I’m looking forward to that as well.

There are a number perks to doing this blog thing. I admit I do this out of selfishness. I ramble freely. It helps me de-stress from this stressful job I do. I meet other oboists … and even other musicians that land here. I meet music lovers. I learn a lot. And I’m finding it even helps in the grief process, although I suppose that may get weary for my readers. I’d apologize … but I’m sorry to say (hah!) that I’m really not sorry.

So there you go. 🙂

I’m not in to a lot of the reality shows stuff, although I will confess I did get into Project Runway and Top Chef (I’ve missed the last few shows, though). Hmmm. Are you ashamed to read this blog now that you know about me? Huh?

But I sure wish Bathroom Divas was available here.


C’mon Bravo TV … can’t you give the US of A a bit ‘o class? Huh?

I guess I have to move to Canada … their Bravo is better than our our Bravo. So BOO to our Bravo and Bravo to Canada’s.


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I can’t post a link … wouldn’t be kind … but I just saw an oboe studio site that pictures a horrible oboe on the front. No low B-flat. No left F. It’s probably a Selmer oboe. It’s definitely cheap plastic. Sigh. (This is not a teacher in California.)

Would you want to study with someone who thinks that’s an okay picture of an oboe?

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Now that I’m finished teaching for the day I can add a photo and explain the earlier quickpost™.
San Francisco Opera made an announcement today: they have appointed Nicola Luisotti as Music Director beginning in 2009-10 season.

Nicola Luisotti:

Iron Tongue of Midnight blogged about it in October. She blogged again today.

And San Francisco Opera is posting the news and pictures.

(And yeah, I just did the link on full sentences. I was in a hurry. Can you handle it?)