I ran across a message board where someone has a “single vs double reeds” post.

Yeah. We really DO fight a lot. I mean … we are double the fun, right? And we are doubly smart. And doubly good.


Or maybe not.

Really … I’m just funnin’ with you all. Because here’s the actual message:

Single Reed vs Double Reed

Ok, my hunting buddies and I are into a pretty good discussion on duck calls. We are all aware of all the calls and probably have close to all the different types of calls out here. For a beginner would you recommend a single reed or a double reed and what brands. I myself like the DR-85 from Haydel and another guy here lies RNT single reeds (redneck, daisy cutter, etc.) What does everyone think?

Tee hee … and double tee hee. 😉

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When I was first in San Jose Symphony (RIP) there was a couple that looked a bit like Ken and Barbie (of Mattel fame). So at least one “Barbie” has already been at the symphony. But now the real Barbie goes to the symphony. How ’bout that?

I guess, what with her leaving Ken (at least that’s what I read a few years ago), he doesn’t get to go. Poor Ken.

From what very little I read, it seems as if she is actually going to the ballet, but I haven’t looked at the full repertoire.

Barbie also sings and dances.

I would recommend that, should you attend a symphony concert, you stay in your seat, and please don’t sing. Really.

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This made me laugh.

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… or do we?

Okay. I don’t mean to be glib.

Well, or maybe I am being glib, but you know me … a joke a day keeps … hmm … well something away. But I’m being glib about what is a serious topic, really.

I ran across this article and immediately saw a familiar name. (Hi James!) He is involved in this event, and he Tucscon Symphony, Lindabeth Binkley. (I’m assuming she’ll be playing some or all of the Schumann Romances. Lovely works.)

I have often wondered just what some of the greats would have written (painted, danced, etc.)—or if they would have written—if they had been put on medication for their ilnesses. Was their creativity a result of the illness? Was it enhanced by the illness? Would they have written better or worse if the illness could have been properly treated?

I heard a radio show once about creative types and bipolar disorder. Many opted not to take their medication because it zapped them of all things artistic, or so they felt. I can understand that … if the medication takes away emotional extremes one might feel frozen.

I don’t suffer from anything that creative geniuses often deal with, but I was extremely depressed into my twenties. I do remember that while I was miserable I also felt things to an extreme … and I loved that. I miss it now, to be honest. But I’m happier being even-keeled for the most part. (I was never treated, but I made it throught the muddle somehow and now I seem to be fine … unless I’m in denial!)

Anyway, I wish I could be at this cultural forum.

And now reeds are calling. Hmmm. Shall I heed the call?

Pondering ….