I ran across a message board where someone has a “single vs double reeds” post.

Yeah. We really DO fight a lot. I mean … we are double the fun, right? And we are doubly smart. And doubly good.


Or maybe not.

Really … I’m just funnin’ with you all. Because here’s the actual message:

Single Reed vs Double Reed

Ok, my hunting buddies and I are into a pretty good discussion on duck calls. We are all aware of all the calls and probably have close to all the different types of calls out here. For a beginner would you recommend a single reed or a double reed and what brands. I myself like the DR-85 from Haydel and another guy here lies RNT single reeds (redneck, daisy cutter, etc.) What does everyone think?

Tee hee … and double tee hee. 😉


  1. Darlene Marshall

    haha! That’s pretty good! I sure wish I could buy a reed called “Redneck”…. and of course we all know the double reed makes a much better duck! Just ask Tchaikovsky!

    The guy who lives next door to me is a hunter and goes out in his backyard to practice goose calls. It is unbelievably obnoxious— about 5x louder than a real goose, and 500x as annoying. It’s gotten so that I cringe when real geese fly over.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Whoa … I didn’t realize hunters would practice their calls. Bizarre. (But I find hunters bizarre, so there you go.)