You can Meet Russ DeLuna, (or is it deLuna? this article suggests that. Mr. deLuna wrote to me with his great news, but I guess I’ve lost the email. Sigh.) the new English hornist of the San Francisco Symphony. He has yet to arrive in San Francisco, from what I understand, but he won the audition in the fall of 2006. A trombonist is doing the podcast … how bout that? Now you might think the trombonist was thinking an English horn was a brass instrument, but that’s just not so. 😉

The video podcast is taking me a while to load. Be patient if you have the same problem … it’ll eventually get there. I hope. (I’m still waiting!)

Meanwhile … go Seahawks. (Gotta go for that team. After all, Brandon lives there now.)

Now off to church ….

The video podcast loaded and I really enjoyed it. The Seahawks lost. Such is life. And church was great.

News you can use. 😉


  1. Wow, long road to glory. Seems like a nice, approachable guy.  

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    He does seem very nice, doesn’t he? I would love to meet him when he is here!

  3. I had the privilege of studying with Mr. de Luna during my last two years as an undergraduate. He is not only an amazing performer, but an outstanding teacher. I would never have made it through my recitals and grad school auditions without him. He is just as nice and approachable in person as he is in that clip.