It’s fine with me if people want to applaud between movements of a concerto. It doesn’t bother me — it’s part of performance experience. Sometimes when they applaud if I’m still playing it’s not as good, but there’s always a way around it. Actually the applause gives me a little rest and chance to stretch, too.

-Hilary Hahn


  1. When I was at the Interlochen Arts Academy, she came for a week. She ate lunch in the cafeteria, stayed in the old Interlochen guest lodge (not exactly luxurious, rather rustic), played quartets with my schoolmates, and just had a good time being a high-schooler herself. She’s s sweetheart, very down to earth, and I hope she never changes.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Why does this not surprise me at all? Just reading what she writes, and seeing her … I get the impression of a very approachable and great person.