I landed at a blog because of the use of “English horn” and here’s what I read:

There’s a section toward the end of the second movement where the piano defers to the cor anglais (fancy for English horn) that, well, if you know of a passage more beautiful, please let me and my planet know.

No. Cor anglais is not fancy for English horn. It’s French. It’s also used in Britain. Consdiering that the piece the blogger was talking about was Ravel’s Piano Concerto cor anglais makes a bit ‘o sense. Ya know?

Here you go, in case you want to know more:
Italian: Corno inglese
German: Englischhorn
Spanish: Corno inglés

News you can probably won’t use.

As to what the person wrote about that part of the work … indeed! It is an incredibly beautiful movement from an incredibly wonderful work. I’d love to play it again—it’s been far too long since I played the work. I’ve only performed it twice, once with Jean-Philippe Collard and once with, if I’m remembering correctly, Alicia De La Rocha. I sure wish I’d saved all my programs.

Yes, you read that correctly: I’ve not saved the majority of programs. This means I can’t remember when it was that a number of big names performed with the San Jose Symphony (RIP). The list is long and rather amazing, when I think on it; some friends and I were going over the list a while back, and were simply amazed at the names that we managed to get in our little symphony. There was Isaac Stern, Rudolph Firkusny, Leon Fleisher, Sarah Vaughan, Bill Evans, Nathan Milstein, Jorge Bolet, Aaron Copland … I mean the list goes on and on. Simply amazing, as the San Jose Symphony (RIP) wasn’t exactly in the top 10.

Oh dear … now I’m regretting all the things I’ve tossed over the years.


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No, I don’t drink Ripple or eat tins of Spam. Really. But I suppose my sound can range from the sweetly poignant to that of deflating bagpipes.

See it all right here and you’ll know what I’m writing about. Don’t see it, and you’ll wonder forever.

And who wants to do that?

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I just landed at a blog where the writer stated “I used to play … concert oboe.”

So what does that mean? Do I play concert oboe? Or do I play a different kind of oboe? Maybe I play opera oboe, or symphonic oboe or maybe just mediocre oboe?

Just wondering ….

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I haven’t understood a bar of music in my life; but I have felt it.

-Igor Stravinsky