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“When I switch on Britney songs like “Oops! I did it again!” or “I’m not that innocent!”, the wild boars come snorting out of my fields and run for the woods.”

So the Vietnamese pigs were faring very well with classical music. Turns out they weren’t the only ones with discerning taste. It appears that wild boars know when to head for the hills.

Some boars, eh?

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Please don’t try to make things nice! All the wrong notes are RIGHT. Just copy as I have — I want it that way.

-Charles Ives

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Oh Rats and Double Rats! I just checked my calendar; I won’t be seeing our son, Jameson, as Prospero. The Tempest conficts directly with Camelot. With some shows I’m able to take an absence or two, but in this case it’s a one rehearsal show and two-week run, no absences allowed. This will be Jameson’s last straight theatre production in high school. At least I’ll get to see him in Fiddler on the Roof.

This is the down side of being in this biz. Just how many of my childrens’ performances have I missed, I wonder?

Or maybe I just don’t want to think about it.


Tonight I will be attending his vocal jazz concert. That should be fun.