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The enticement of a string of decoys and an adjustable double reed variable tone caller must be compelling to the average feather-brained mallard.

I knew you wanted to know that.

Part of the article itself is pretty odd … a woman opens her fridge and finds a duck staring her in the face.

Cool eh?

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It’s not a very difficult process, the only thing is in the refinement, but it can be a lot of fun. Sort of like carpentry. And not many of the other instruments apart from bassoon do the same thing.

Hmmm. Am I in the minority here? I find reed making difficult, and I’ve never found it fun. But the woman on this video says differently.

Well … okay … I have heard that some oboists actually love to make reeds. (They’re sick, I tell ya. Sick!) Most oboists I’ve run across who say this are male. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard a woman say “I love to make reeds!” If I have, I’ve blocked it out.

But now there’s this video and a woman is saying that reed making can be fun and I’m simply puzzled. 😉

I landed on this site and read a few interesting little things.

I’ve now read at two different sites (see this for the other) that the writers were given inside information about the 2007-2008 Opera San José season. Huh? I find this a bit curious, since I posted it a few weeks back, as did MikeR, and the OSJ newsletter that came out to ticket buyers announced it a few weeks ago as well. Odd. Is Opera San José acting as if it’s still a secret? I hope not. That would just be silly.

Secondly, I read this:

The Magic Flute will be performed by UCSC students, directed by Brian Staufenbiel, and conducted by Nicole Paiment . That happens Thurs., May 31 through Sunday, June 3 at the UCSC Music Recital Hall. Confidentially, it wouldn’t surprise me if we heard many better voices in this production than any of the other flutes around here. More on this later.

So what does this mean, I wonder? Now I’ll have to bookmark the blog and keep checking for an update. Better voices sounds great to me (although I’ve always been impressed with UCSC opera productions). I plan on attending the opera anyway—I go to as many of “my” university concerts as possible. (Which isn’t saying a lot; my concert and rehearsal schedule often conflicts.) I’m looking forward to Flute already and this adds a bit more excitement to the mix. Maybe they’re bringing in Nathan Gunn. (Btw, if you click on that link you get to hear him sing.)

No, I’m kidding about his joining the UCSC opera production. Really. Just working on my hits. Gotta compete with TSR. 😉

Or not.