I landed on this site and read a few interesting little things.

I’ve now read at two different sites (see this for the other) that the writers were given inside information about the 2007-2008 Opera San José season. Huh? I find this a bit curious, since I posted it a few weeks back, as did MikeR, and the OSJ newsletter that came out to ticket buyers announced it a few weeks ago as well. Odd. Is Opera San José acting as if it’s still a secret? I hope not. That would just be silly.

Secondly, I read this:

The Magic Flute will be performed by UCSC students, directed by Brian Staufenbiel, and conducted by Nicole Paiment . That happens Thurs., May 31 through Sunday, June 3 at the UCSC Music Recital Hall. Confidentially, it wouldn’t surprise me if we heard many better voices in this production than any of the other flutes around here. More on this later.

So what does this mean, I wonder? Now I’ll have to bookmark the blog and keep checking for an update. Better voices sounds great to me (although I’ve always been impressed with UCSC opera productions). I plan on attending the opera anyway—I go to as many of “my” university concerts as possible. (Which isn’t saying a lot; my concert and rehearsal schedule often conflicts.) I’m looking forward to Flute already and this adds a bit more excitement to the mix. Maybe they’re bringing in Nathan Gunn. (Btw, if you click on that link you get to hear him sing.)

No, I’m kidding about his joining the UCSC opera production. Really. Just working on my hits. Gotta compete with TSR. 😉

Or not.


  1. That’s really weird.  I didn’t post the season until I saw it in the OSJ newsletter, even though I’d known it for weeks.  A friend who is a subscriber mentioned it to me last week without any prompting on my part.  It’s hardly a secret anymore!  This does make me wonder why they don’t schedule some sort of event to make the announcement, like most other companies (in the theater world, too).  That way we’d all know what date the information was public, rather than watching it dribble out.

    I first heard the 07/08 season schedule last year during the run of Don Giovanni.  I never said anything because at that point it was obviously still a secret.  And it’s a good thing, too, since two of the operas were changed between then and the official announcement.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    It IS weird, isn’t it? I wonder if OSJ thinks that by telling people it’s a secret they’ll somehow get more excitement going? Who knows?

    You get info sooner that we pit folk; some instrumentalists don’t know until OSJ sends out that newsletter. I usually know sooner only because I ask David. He only lets us know (I think!) when things are definitely set. Sometimes he’ll say, earlier, “We MIGHT be doing X” … but never do we hear a full year (plus some) ahead. Lucky you!

    NOW I know who to pester, eh? 😉

    (No, don’t worry — I won’t put you on the spot!)

  3. I only find these things out because people talk in the dressing rooms!  Seriously, if you want to know anything, that’s where to hang out.  😉  Other than that, I’m definitely not in the loop.