Another video of the oboe quartet. And yes, triplets again.

I guess I’m in the minority!

Gee … what a surprise. Heh.


  1. Darlene Marshall

    Do you know who the group was?  They were excellent– of course, especially the oboist!  I also noticed they had those neat new stands where the music is on a computer screen sort of thing.   When I win the lottery, I’m going to get one too!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I only know as much as it says on the video; they are from Interlochen Arts Academy. What a shame that the names aren’t included, eh?

    Yes, I like those computer music screens. Until the power goes off. 😉

    When I played Baz Luhrman’s La Boheme eons ago the conductor had a computer screen for his music. Very cool. (And no, the power never went off, although I know he would have easily conducted by memory.)