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Musician: Do you want more vibration here?

Guest conductor Susanna Malkki: (pause) I want … (pause) I want it to be beautiful.

Read at the SLSO blog, written by Eddie Silva. The orchestra was rehearsing John Cage’s Credo in US.

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  • A study of cancer patients in 2000, led by Dr. Barry Bittman of the Mind-Body Wellness Center, linked a particular type of drumming activity to increased immune response. It seemed to help patients’ immune systems seek out and destroy cancer cells.
  • A study by Bittman and colleagues at Loma Linda University and the Bay Area’s Applied Biosystems in 2005 found that playing a musical instrument affected humans at the genomic level, preventing biological responses to stress. The specific responses are closely associated with heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other serious afflictions.

    In practical everyday terms, the results of the third study — published in December — were even more startling. Regular music-making made octogenarians measurably healthier, happier and more active.

    Article here.

    I do wonder about the differences between the amateur musician and the professional. Does it cause us to be healthier as well? We are under a bit more stress, I would think. The articles I’ve seen always deal with those who are doing music for the love of it, and it has nothing to do with a music career.

    Just wondering.