30. January 2007 · Comments Off on Tired in a Major Way · Categories: imported, Ramble

We started the show about 15 minutes late. They said it was due to “parking issues”. (I do know the Sharks were playing tonight.) I was at my car at 11:00 PM. I began work at 10:00 AM, which means I was at the hall a bit after 9:00 AM.

This means I’m very, very tired.

I have to get up at around 6:30 AM to take Jameson to school.

That means I should be in bed right now.

The thing is, I played a show.

And that means I’m a bit on the wired side.

So there you go.

30. January 2007 · Comments Off on No Time. No Time. · Categories: imported, Ramble

I got got got no time.

Today is the Camelot marathon. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Come home, eat a very early dinner, watch 10 minutes of Law & Order and a few minutes of BBC news. Check email. Read a few blogs. Blog this.

Soon I’ll be in black and back in the car.

Then it’s sound check, break, show.

I feel as if Tuesday’s dead or something.