31. January 2007 · Comments Off on Right … We’re Slow That Way · Categories: imported, Ramble

I cut up the recording and multiplied the loop maybe 7-8 times. I had intended to use the oboe as the main melody instrument, but since I was so eager to try the structural idea, and since the oboe takes 15-20 minutes to “start up”, I went for the low whistle instead.

Hmmm. Doesn’t the writer know we do warm up before we play? Or is he/she talking about an oboe sound on some machine? (I’m too lazy to really read more of what he wrote. I just cracked up at the paragraph.)

And no, I don’t take 15-20 minutes to “start up”. Sure, I have to warm up, but it can go pretty quickly if I really have to make it happen.

Today, though, I’m taking some time to get moving at all. I did manage to do yard work, but then I really crashed. So I’m going to allow myself some hours off before I teach and go do another Camelot show.

Oh. Wait. The guy who blogged about the oboe plays oboe. Odd.