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So take a visit and check out the pictures of Opera San José. It comes complete with sound. (No orchestra, as we weren’t in at that point.) I think this is very cool!

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Richard Scheinin has an article in The Merc today about the Opera San Jose production of La Traviata. Check it out. Then order tickets if you can — I’ve heard that they are selling quickly.

I will be missing opening weekend of the opera. It conflicts with Camelot and because the American Musical Theater San Jose show is a two week run with only one (five hour) rehearsal we were allowed no absences. (Understandably so … I’m not complaining!) So Pam Hakl will move over to play principal for opera’s opening, and I’ll come back into the opera pit on Tuesday, February 13. (Yes, I am able to make rehearsals … these two weeks are crazy because of that, but I’m glad we could work it out. And I’m glad opera folks are so flexible!) Hmmm. In looking at the calendar, I could even walk on over to the California Theatre a week from today and catch a part of the 3:00 opera; Camelot runs from 1:00 until about 3:45, I don’t have to be back for the second show until around 6:10 since I’ll already be warmed up for the day. Double hmmm. Maybe I’ll do that, as it would be great fun to see what our opera productions are like from the hall. Of course a week from today I may feel differently; I know after another week I’ll be pretty darn exhausted … and I do need to eat in there somewhere. But I’ll keep the thought in mind. I really do love to hear and see the opera .. something I can’t do all that well from the pit!

Today we have 1:00 and 6:30 shows. Since there’s such a short amount of time between shows I’ll stick nearby the hall and see if I can find a place to catch a bit of the Superbowl and a bite to eat. I’m not terribly excited about the game — neither team is one that really matters to me — but I do want to watch a bit of it, catch the commercials (see note below) and relax a bit. Driving home is always a possibility, but there are times when it’s simply more relaxing to stay put. I think this is one of those times.

Note: In the past my family has watched the Superbowl together … we’d yak through the game, and even wandered in and out of the room, but come commercials we all hushed up … it was rather confusing to other folks, but we found the commercials more entertaining that the game sometimes. I’m hoping this year might be that way as well, but I have a feeling those days may be over. Is it me? The commercials? I wonder.

Well, okay … I don’t really wonder all that much. I hardly care.

Never mind! 🙂