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Classical composers are a mild and bookish lot on the whole. They like to wrap up warm, are into organic food, and rarely break into a run. Their music reflects the fact that they live in their heads, rather than their bodies.

I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed this … the organic food, the wrapping up warm …? Hmmm. But according to this I guess I’m just out of touch. (The article is actually about Tansy Davies, a composer who doesn’t fit the “norm” … if the above is truly the norm for classical composers.)

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As I sat in the pit last night I began my “to do” list. I had plans for today — get up, clean (clea, clean, clean … there’s a lot to be cleaned around here), shop, practice, figure out dinner … well … you know how it goes. Lists!

(And yes, we have time for list making during Camelot; there are a number of 5 minute + dialogue moments.)

BUT … now I’m exhausted. And all I’ve done so far is clean up the kitchen (minimally) and purchase a few supplies from the office supply store.

So what to do? On the “can’t skip these” list are two oboe lessons and La Traviata tonight. But for now do I have a nice large cup of caffeine, or do I give in and rest up? Hmmm. I have to ponder this.

Yesterday I only had to walk across the street (from the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts) and enter the Crowne Plaza Hotel to find a location to watch the game. The service at Miro’s is weak. The food isn’t great either. The ambience is non-existent. But at least I saw much of the game. That was fun. And “my” team (for this particular game) won. Nice.