I’m not sure what I think about this first one. The work is so incredible so I cringe a bit. At the same time, it certainly works in its own special way.

  • Mozart and Nike
  • Bach & Peter Ustinov
  • Classical Music & Cockney
  • Concerto For Turntable
  • And this just brings back a lot of memories. What a gas. (Sorry!)
  • The fun never ends.

  • And while this isn’t classical, it’s Spike Jones and he makes me laugh.
  • So there.

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    Despite all my performing work, I was still not able to afford to give up my day job. My job also provided me with health and disability insurance and a pension, something many free-lancers do not have.

    You can read the whole thing here.

    I don’t have a full time “real” job, but in the past I’ve worked at a bookstore, first as a clerk and later as a bookkeeper. I was also music librarian for the San Jose Symphony (RIP) twice. (However neither of these offered benefits.)

    Mostly I put all my work together in the music biz. As a member, I play in Opera San José and Symphony Silicon Valley. I’m usually hired to play American Musical Theatre San Jose if the show calls for oboe and English horn without the other doubles. I play for San Jose Chamber Orchestra at times, but those times are few and far between. I teach privately at my home. I teach at UCSC and SCU. Between all of this I make a fair amount. Not one job comes with health benefits, but I’m married and my husband’s job at De Anza provides that for us.

    I do have a pension fund. I’m not sure what it will provide when I retire … but when does a musician retire anyway? It’s not like those “regular” jobs, you know? Music is part of us. It’s in our blood. I just can’t see complete retirement in my future at this point. (Of course I do hope I know when it’s time to put the horns down; there’s nothing worse than a musician who has lost it but continues to perform.)

    But this life ‘o mine … it’s a busy life. It’s a challenging life. It’s a frustrating life. It’s a scary life at times, not knowing if groups will survive or if I’ve been kicked off of some contractor’s list. But it’s also a fulfilling life and one I’d choose again if I had to.

    Most of the time. 🙂

    Todays’ schedule: Recording session. Two private students. Camelot.

    I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it is fairly tiring, because each of the above take a lot of energy. But that’s okay. I like what I do. I’ll continue to do it for as long as I’m able. (My aching hands—this morning they felt like lead—may eventually say “STOP!” but for now they will be forced into submission.)

    Time to get moving and prepare for the recording. I’ve not played the music (English horn only) yet. We’ll see how it goes!