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  • If it resembles a flute, you don’t want to play it. Go for a bassoon. Or even an oboe (though that takes some skill, and is kinda kinky, what with the double reed).
  • First off, “oboe” is a great word. Often helpful in crossword puzzles.
  • “I was finding the daily struggle of keeping up with reed-making — which is such an enormous part of oboe-playing — difficult. Musicians strive for perfection, which is why the orchestra sounds so fantastic,” McCullough says. “But when you’re dealing with a piece of wood that is always unpredictable and always changing, it’s wearing.” (This is from this article about former musicians who now work for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.)

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    A writer introduces her children to classical music. I like what she did. That’s not how we introduced our kiddos to music, but it is a rather clever idea, you know?

    How did we introduce them? Hmmm. I think we just played music. I practiced. They sometimes came to rehearsals and sat backstage. They sometimes came to dress rehearsals. Concerts began later, when they were old enough to sit through them. I think it was just a part of life. It wasn’t so much as introducing, as it was part of our lives. Just as it still is.

    As I was driving home from my morning of errands, I heard a news segment that said napping is GOOD for us! Woo hoo! 30 minutes. I can do that. I do do that.

    I’ve always felt a tad guilty about my naps. Now I can say I’m doing it for my health.

    What great news!

    I do not, however, sleep on the job, as the article might suggest. Nope. Can’t do that. It’s rather impossible to play an instrument and sleep at the same time. Really.

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    I enjoyed this. One thing that hit me, though, was the clothing. The folks in the front are dressed in period costumes. That works. But then there’s the orchestra … good old tails and all. Certainly not of this period … nor the period of the music.

    I’m not sure what I’d prefer instead, but I just found it disconcerting.

    We’ve come a long way from this. I wonder, though, if the shawm (that is what I’m seeing, yes?) really sounded like this? Is there any absolute way to know?

    And, finally, there’s this video (labeled “Oboe Bassoon Festival Izola Slovenia”). I’ts only a slide show with the music, but you just have to love all that double reed sound, yes?