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The inside of a bottle cap that Dan opened tonight reads: Adjuncts? We don’t need no stinking adjuncts!

Too funny, considering my job at the universities. 🙂

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Brian Sacawa, of Sounds Like Now has put up Branford Marsalis’s words that I had posted some time ago. Only he put more of the conversation up. Enjoy!

I’m not exactly sure what makes sax sexy and oboe not, but I have to admit I think it’s true. I do think, though, that we get the juicy, “make ’em weep” sort of solos. The kind that will force you to fall on the floor in a puddle of tears; we get you in the heart and the gut.

So there.

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My brother sent me something. He’s a bassoonist. Betcha you would never have thunk it, eh?


Ah yes, the naked male bassoonist. They never seem to think of things like … CLOTHES!

Of course we all know that oboe will follow. Played by a woman. Dressed. To the nines. As it should be.

Oh wait … flutists worry about clothes. We just want good reeds. We aren’t clothes shallow. Nope. Not us. 😉

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(Is that asking too much?)

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… for me, anyway.

I’m always surprised when I locate a music blog that includes people I know. So this, a blog by the group Quadre, really caught me by surprise! (You can see bios here.) Not only do I know some of these horn players, but one, the fabulous French hornist Meredith Brown, is in Symphony Silicon Valley, Alex Camphouse plays with us frequently, sometimes subbing for Meredith when she is unavailable and Matt Croft (associate artist in the group) often plays with Opera San Jose.

Well, well, well, guess another blog is going on the sidebar here!

You can listen to them at the Quadra my space page.

Really. You can’t help yourself. You go to a concert, bound and determined to have self control. You spend the entire day preparing yourself for what you are about to see and hear. You breathe deep breaths. You brace yourself. You do think about maybe skipping this concert … after all, “that” instrument isn’t in every single concert and maybe you should just stay away.

But noooo. You give in. You say, “This will be the last time. I promise!” And you go. You still think you have enough will power to avoid any temptation.

But then it happens. The sound! The incredible sex appeal! You don’t even have to hear the instrument to fall in love, as it’s love at first site.

C’mon. You know it’s true! 😉

Sex & Contrabassoon: Ah yes, contrabassoon as chick magnet!

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I know that I am honest. That my music has emotional power, but I know my limitations, too. I know that there is something healthy in my music regarding the current world of classical music, but I know there will be something amazing coming after. I feel like a temporary kind of voice and somebody better will carry on.

-Osvaldo Golijov (from a 2003 interview)