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Cheating. Stealing. Lying. A sad tale.

I had read about this earlier, but this particular site above really says it all. Joyce Hatto (a name I had never heard, but what the heck does an oboist know anyway?) is no longer alive, so she can’t explain anything. Did she know about this deceipt? It seems impossible to believe she couldn’t have, although I suppose engineers could have done this without her knowing. (But wouldn’t one recognize one’s own playing?) What a sad (in that pathetic sort of way) story.

Gramophone article

Another “sad news story” is that of the Cleveland Symphony’s concertmaster. I haven’t a clue what is true about the man. But anarticle of this length and detail sure doesn’t look good, no matter what. If it’s untrue, then some musicians and the writer are truly awful people. If it is true then shame on those involved, including the school that dealt so horribly with a student, by demanding her silence.

Truth. It seems to be missing in some musical arenas these days.

It’s all pretty darn sad.

I do know it’s difficult dealing with some musicians. There are times I would love to “tattle” just because. But of course that can come back to haunt a person, and I also always have to think about the “why of it all.” Is my desire simply to get back at someone I don’t care for. Yes, often that’s the case. Could it even be I’m merely jealous? (Who … ME?!) Is tattling the right thing to do? If it involved inappropriate behavior then yes, it is appropriate. Mostly I’ve found it best to shut up.

Most of my anger is simply childish stuff because someone stepped on my toes or said something that set me off. So I really do try to keep my mouth shut! For me this can be quite the challenge. I guess the best way to avoid shooting my foolish mouth off would be to stick the darn reed in my mouth and practice, eh?

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