I just saw a really funny typo at iTunes: Six Methamorphoses After Ovid


Then, when I clicked on the first track for Six Methamorphoses I heard one of the Schumann Romances. Hmmm. Double trouble.

iTunes needs me. They really need me! 😉

And I’m not kidding; when I downloaded the Gordon Hunt Six Metamorphoses After Ovid there was a glitch at the beginning, as if he played two As rather than one longer one.

Guess that makes triple trouble, eh?

But there’s more … the Eric Speller disk is spelled this way: Six metamorphoseses after Ovid. Oh dear ….

And then as I was looking at all of their suggestions when I did the search for the Britten I was also offered the choice of Six Chansons by Paul Hindesmith.

Now I’m laughing. Loudly. (For those of you who don’t know, it’s Hindemith.)

In addition, they often list the composer name as the performer name. Someone(s) doesn’t understand classical music. At all.

I would be more than happy to be iTunes helper. I think, in fact, that Apple could us an oboist in residence. Do I could (happily) serve them in several ways.

I’m here. For them. Out of the kindness of my heart. 😉



  1. Thanks for the link to the Times article.

    I gave myself an ultimatum last year: get a tenure-track job within five years or get the heck out. Why? Because as much as I love it, I couldn’t find affordable health insurance, wasn’t able to buy a house or sock away enough in an IRA, and I knew that I’d need to retire someday. (Luckily, I landed the job in less than a year of making that ultimatum.) It didn’t seem drastic to make a “five year plan” at the time. Rather, it was very freeing to know that I wasn’t going to be “stuck” for the rest of my life struggling to get by.

    I do think that Apple needs musicians in residence. (But would they pay health insurance?)

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I do know it’s wise to have health insurance and retirement and all. I’m a bit spoiled because Dan’s job provides the health insurance. My teaching income is all reported, so I do pay into social security, but I’m not sure how I’ll be set up for retirement and sometimes I worry. (I don’t think it’s right to rely on Dan’s retirement as one never knows what the future will bring.) Ah well. That’s life, eh?

    I sometimes wish I had a real job. I sometimes wish I had a more predictable life, schedule and income. I sometimes wish I had a doctorate (although I cringe at those who insist on being called doctor all the time for some reason, so I would skip that). I know Dan would like me to at least get a masters. But I have 30 years of performing and teaching experience and to me that is enough (although, as you can tell, I feel inferior to all the schooled folk out there! … and I’m just not willing to go back to school now. Foolish? Probably!

    Dan is an “Apple Distinguished Educator” and I always tease him about telling them they need me when he goes off and does things with them. Of course he never does that. Sigh.