Jill wasn’t happy with a performance. I read her post prior to going to mine.

I wasn’t happy with my performance.


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Our love for orchestra has kept us together, as a valuable addition to the cultural life and diversity of the country.

An orchestra in Sri Lanka playing western classical music. Yes.

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It’s 11 p.m. on a Saturday, and downtown San Jose is bubbling with excitement and tension.

About that time I’m either in my car, ready to drive home, or I’m already at home (if it’s a shorter opera or a symphony night).

I see these folks, though, out for a hot night. They are dressed as if it is hot, too, even when it might be freezing outside. It makes me laugh sometimes; I guess wearing something tiny that shows a lot of flesh is more important than comfort. Gee … do I sound like I’m fifty or what!?

San Jose is, from what I read, trying to figure out how to keep things safe while rejoicing in the fact that we finally have a lively downtown.

Me? I say go to the symphony or opera and get home earlier. Then you can party hearty and not have to worry about safety or designated drivers, and you can dress skimpily and still stay warm!

Or you can go to bed. Like I do.

In other news: I appear to be getting the cold that Dan and Jameson have had. Ah well. It was bound to happen. I’ll recover quickly, though, because I stay fairly well rested. Neither of them has that option, due to their schools schedules.

Yes, I’m spoiled.

Musically, “La Traviata” is not a noble specimen even of Italian opera. But its abundant melody, much of it really graceful and refined, and the genuine emotion of many of its strains, have saved it from oblivion which has overtaken other operas of its class and time. It is essentially a “singing opera” of the old florid school; and one cannot reasonably object to the verdict that it is “chiefly employed now as a means of allowing a popular prima donna to display her high notes and her diamonds.” In his efforts to avoid vulgarity, Verdi occasionally falls into the slough of sentimentality. Nevertheless, the pathos of some of his scenes must be admitted as appealing, and that is mainly why the opera still keeps its place in popular favour. It is not musically great, but it is very humanly interesting.

Read the whole article here.

Is this one person’s opinion, stated as fact, or do a lot of folks feel this way? (I can’t locate the author of the article, although I did locate the author of the quote included*.) Do I have to not admire La Traviata after all? Oh dear … and here I was absolutely loving the music.


*The quote about “high notes and her diamonds” is by R. A. Streatfeild (1866-1919). I’ve downloaded his book from Project Gutenberg so we’ll see what else I can learn. I think it’ll be a good read. Certainly I’ll learn, as I honestly don’t know much about opera and its history, sad but true.

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Anyone interested in taking on this 18 year old? 😉

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