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I’m glad the press doesn’t bug us about how we musicians get along. We all have our stories. We all have players that drive us a bit bonkers. That’s life. (For those of you in the workplace, I’m sure you have people there that you wouldn’t give the time of day to if you didn’t work with them, yes?)

So when baseball players are asked about their teammates I’m just thankful I don’t have to deal with that!

Of course I also don’t have to “deal” with their salaries!

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If you go to The Prairie Home Companion page and then click on Segment 1 you can then move in to 21:06 or so and hear the composer speak. When you get to the music you will also hear a former singer from Opera San Jose, Brian Leerhuber, singing the lead role of Tom Joad. Cool eh? (The second song they sing is lovely.)

If you go here you can also hear Brian in a couple of other things (look to the right).

Robert Orth is also in the cast; I performed A Waterbird Talk with him a few years back, when San Jose Chamber Orchestra did it. What a talent!

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The kitten on keys may have had rhythm, but Mr. Shatner seems to be missing it.

Say you turn around and run, doesn’t it speed up? It doesn’t matter. And then the horrible truth came to me. All these guys are [can’t understand this word … anyone want to help me?]. It doesn’t matter. All they do is this and the orchestra takes over.

-William Shatner (Heard and seen here. I’m assuming he’s talking about conductors and how much they matter ..?)

I thought William Shatner started his music career later, but I’ve now run across Rocket Man and that was done quite a while ago. Now I do believe Shatner knows what he’s doing these days with his over the top stuff, but I wonder … this was in 1978. Was Shatner going at this with the self-mockery he does things today, or is he serious?!

Please tell me there’s a wink in there somewhere!

Ah well. It doesn’t matter. 😉

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Do remember that some of these may make more sense if you know the blogger! (At least I hope so.)

  • I have less than three weeks to learn English horn…
  • My partner plays an Oboe – What’s that supposed to mean. Tell me more? It’s obviously written by somebody who knows him well. Sounds so pompous. It’s not the Oboe playing that’s the laugh after all somebody has to play the flute like instrument and I know I can’t. It’s just using the words as a topic of conversation as if it’s an entry into a special club or something that’s the giggle.
  • … met a Spanish guy who tried to impress us with the fact that he was an oboe major.

  • I took oboe at [deleted] School , and I can still remember how to moisten the double reed before playing, but which kept me so far from feeling attractive as all the pretty girls took flute.

  • Yes, I KNOW everyone else has put this link up, but I have family members who don’t read everyone else, so there you go.

    This cat’s too cute!