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Do remember that some of these may make more sense if you know the blogger! (At least I hope so.)

  • I have less than three weeks to learn English horn…
  • My partner plays an Oboe – What’s that supposed to mean. Tell me more? It’s obviously written by somebody who knows him well. Sounds so pompous. It’s not the Oboe playing that’s the laugh after all somebody has to play the flute like instrument and I know I can’t. It’s just using the words as a topic of conversation as if it’s an entry into a special club or something that’s the giggle.
  • … met a Spanish guy who tried to impress us with the fact that he was an oboe major.

  • I took oboe at [deleted] School , and I can still remember how to moisten the double reed before playing, but which kept me so far from feeling attractive as all the pretty girls took flute.

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