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… for your sake, I hope not!

But read this:

Joel Schumacher’s new psychological thriller informs us that all sorts of monumental events are linked to the number 23, including the 9/11 attacks, Shakespeare’s birth and death and the sinking of the Titanic. With a little creative math, even your address could be involved. But there is only one equation you really need to remember. This movie is not at all good.

There are 23 letters in that last sentence, and if that fact disturbs you, perhaps The Number 23 will stir your inner numerologist to great heights of terror. But it’s doubtful that the film’s silly premise, which grows more ludicrous with each passing development, will produce any reactions beyond derisive giggles.

I read this review (okay, I skimmed the beginning of this review, here.

But … are you like me? Did you have to count the letters in the final sentence of the first paragraph above. Or am I the only crazy person?

My last sentence above has 23 letters, btw.

Did you count to check it out?

The sentence above has 23 letters too.

This one only has twentyone.

Did ya check? Because I lied. The sentence above also has 23.

This one only has twenty.


Betcha counted.

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