“I think the classical-music community are coming out of curiosity, because they love Dowland, and they want to see what this pop singer does with it,” Sting said of his tours, which also bring “people who have probably never heard 16th-century songs before.

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Some, I think also go because they want to mock the guy. I mean … we classical music folk do get a bit haughty sometimes. Just an eensy bit. Really. And only because we are better than anyone else.


I’m guessing some classical sorts go, as well, because they like Sting.

Yes, some classical musicians like other kinds of music. Geesh. Is that so difficult to imagine?

But anyway, if anyone wants to see Sting doing Dowland, PBS will broadcasting Sting’s Songs from the Labyrinth on Monday. Here it’s on channel 9 at 10:00 PM.