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I’ve just watched a few of the Schubert “Trout” Quintet documentaries over at You Tube and I have to tell you it’s loads of fun. (I began this bit of entertainment after reading about a video at Musical Assumptions.) Of course you are hearing simple “nobodies” … Itzhak Perlman, Daniel Barenboim, Jacqueline Du Pré, Zubin Mehta and Pinchas Zukerman … but I’m sure you can deal with that, eh? This was done when they were all in the twenties, so it was a bit of time ago. For your viewing pleasure I’m listing all the links. I’m nice that way!

  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 1
  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 2
  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 3
  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 4
  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 5
  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 6
  • I do wonder if these will stay up … is it legal to have them there? (I know Opera San Jose clips were pulled rather quickly when they were located; I have mixed feelings … as long as the quality is fine, how can a bit of publicity—worldwide, mind you!—do much damage? Then again, if something is still for sale, it’s a bit like stealing, yes?)

    Anyway, enjoy.

    There’s also a very funny video where Du Pré and Perlman switch instruments.

    You’ll also notice, I’m sure, other links to the side of the videos that might interest you; two movements of the Schubert, for one thing.

    (Note to Mozart musicians—having seen a couple of Mozart links while doing this browsing—Mozart is not a romantic composer! I really struggle with those who play Mozart with that time-stretching, overly romantic sort of interpretation. Of course maybe that’s just my problem!)

    Watching the “Trout” group … doesn’t it just make you smile and love music and wish you could play chamber music RIGHT NOW?

    Okay, maybe the videos only do that to me, and maybe it’s because I play chamber music so seldom. I really wish I could find a group of musicians who had the time and inclination do so such things. We are a busy sort. We are a poor sort. So we rarely get free time to just have fun.

    What a shame, eh?

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