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Hoorah for Ennio Morricone.

I just love that man’s music. But of course he wrote a work that included the word “oboe” so why wouldn’t I?

(He’s been awarded a lifeteime achievement award, in case you didn’t know about that already.)

Funny note: when I was in junior high I had to take “modern dance”. Now I was no graceful girl. I was not cute. I was awkward and unattractive (sorry mom, but I know this to be true!), and I wasn’t a happy camper either. So taking modern dance sure wasn’t what I had in mind. But there you go. Our “dance” (I made mine up on the spot, actually) was to The Good, Bad and the Ugly. I’ll never forget that music! (I have, thankfully, forgotten my horrible dance.)

Anyway … back to the man and his music. He writes music that melts my heart. I have the CD of Yo-Yo Ma playing his music, and there are times I put it on just to cry. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. I would just love to play a concert of his music.

Ahhhh … and Mr. Morricone just dedicated his award to his wife. Double ahhhh.

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