26. February 2007 · Comments Off on More Of The Story · Categories: imported, Ramble

“I≠m not moved to seek revenge,≈ he says, ≥but I≠m very glad that the truth is at last known.”

-Von Bahr

So Barrington-Coupe has confessed in a sort of wimpy way. Stealing for his wife? Giving her the attention she deserved? Hmmm. “I’m sorry, but but but …” sounds like a five year old. Sigh.

The story, though, is a sad one. I don’t have much to say about it, actually. I’m just glad the guy actually did admit his wrongdoing; pretending Hatto’s recordings could be precisely the same as someone else’s was simply foolishness.

Traviata is over so today is what some have called “hangover day”. It’s recovery time, and catch up time, and a sort of melancholy day where I realize I will miss the show (just as Mike has mentioned), and yet it’s always good to move on. Ravel. Copland. Verdi. Here I come!

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