27. February 2007 · Comments Off on Trying to Catch Up · Categories: imported, Ramble

I have a lot of updating to do at this site. Today I worked on the audition pages. All of the current auditions were out of date, and I needed to transfer all the out of date repertoire lists to the Past Auditions page. Done!

That took a long time, and my hands are aching horribly after all that work. Some days are worse than others when it comes to hand woes. I have English horn coming up, and I need to be a bit cautious about how much I wear out these old hands ‘o mine.

I also haven’t updated my CD Library for eons. So that’s next on the list. With so many emusic downloads, I have a ton of recordings to add. I’ve also downloaded a few iTunes CDs as well. So much work, but time to play catch up, I think. I hope!

And still, my performance pages are out of date, too.

Argh. I’m far too behind.

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