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Yes. That’s what the newscaster just said about Anna Nicole’s funeral.

Now I’ve managed to not blog about that sad person forever. But this one I just couldn’t resist. So sorry.

I never knew that there was a theme to a funeral, much less a color theme.

Learn something new every day.

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My husband has never bought me any fancy dresses. He’s never bought me any lingerie. (He does supply me with chocolate, and that’s good enough for me … I’m not really into clothing all that much. Anyone who sees me knows that!)

What a relief that Dan isn’t into ordering clothing for me, or shopping for me. Or anything like that. Because if he did I’m guessing people would now suggest that he’s a cross dresser like Wagner.

Geesh. Because the guy ordered some women’s clothing, and his wife never wrote about receiving such clothing, he’s now a cross dresser? Double geesh.

Maybe someone is just trying to top the Hatto scandal? I wonder.

(Perhaps Cosima didn’t like what he’d ordered? Perhaps he bought the clothing for someone else but wasn’t about to tell anyone that? Perhaps perhaps perhaps … but no, he must be a cross dresser. Not to say he wasn’t … but this information isn’t settling it for me.)

Moving along…
I received my Muso mag about a week ago. Opened it up to read that I am no fun. Merely because I wasn’t exactly all that excited to see their sex survey. I guess because I’m not into saying who makes the best lover … what instrumentalists have sex more than anyone else … letting folks know if I’m gay or straight … the list goes on … I’m just no darn fun.

Uh-oh. I used the word “darn” there too, which surely suggests I’m not fun.

But of course I knew this already, having read that Muso is “the magazine for the younger, more open-minded generation of classical music fans.” I’m guessing open-minded is also fun, although how the heck would I know? Sigh.

I do enjoy the mag, although it’s a quick and not-so-deep read. But there are tons of pretty faces in it. I mean, take a look at these back issues (sorry, link is gone)! And the current one as well. Wow. I like a pretty face as much as the next person. Whether or not the pretty faces can play is another thing; perhaps Muso could to send out a CD with each issue, that would include the sounds that the pretty faces make so we can hear rather than merely drool look. Better yet, they could send out a DVD … we could drool look and listen.

I’m sure I could manage both at the same time. Really. Even at my older, close-minded, age. If I try. Really hard.

Note for all: Muso is the perfect pit read. Really. And you get lots of attention from your colleagues too, as they oggle … and maybe drool … just as much as you do!

Or maybe the drooling is just an old age thing? Hmmm.

Okay … enough rambling for the moment I have more to ramble about. Maybe even something important eventually. But for now it’s time to eat breakfast. (Yeah, it’s 11:30 AM and I’m only finally getting to breakfast. We old folks move slowly. 😉