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So Bob Dylan sings Dr. Seuss? I learned about it here.

… 😉

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Best overheard conversation ever?

It just might be! 🙂

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I still am quite behind in all the updating I need to do at this site. Time … it all takes tons of time. (I’m glad I don’t check to see how many hours I work on this, although if someone offered to pay me for my time I’d start keeping track immediately … just say the word!)

While I have lots of links to the right, I’m thinking about whittling the list down a bit. (For those who have links here, do you even get hits from this site? I wonder. Do tell!) Some bloggers just don’t update very often, and it might be time to say goodbye. Others don’t focus on music and I might decide to take them off as well. Because this is a music site. Well. Music and baseball I guess. But mainly music.

Mostly, though, my library pages are sorely out of date. Because of my emusic.com membership I have a lot of new recordings. Keeping the CD library list up to date is the most difficult, but also probably most important; I’ve been known to duplicate purchases and I hate that waste of money. Of course I’m often buying new music, so the music library isn’t up to date either. Same with the movie library. Oh dear. So maybe this weekend. I can at least plan on it.

Who the heck cares about any of this, though? Hmmm. I think I’m talking to myself. 😉

But will I even listen?

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W 9-2

Don’t know what I’m writing about? Poor you.

I don’t have performances this week or next. Too bad I can’t make it to Scottsdale! Lawn seating is only $12. I could afford that. Sigh. But anyway, Giants season has begun. Spring training for now … but April 3 is just around the corner.

There is more to life than oboe. You know?