I don’t often check the whole Technorati thing, but because I’ve been stuck at home, all alone, and there’s not much to do when someone is a bit on the sick side, my sick self thought “I wonder how I’m doing ranking wise in the classical music type of scene out in blogville.”

Well, sadly, I’ve moved down in the world. Sigh. I guess I’m no longer as popular as I was … and I never was all that popular. What to do, what to do? 😉

Anyway, due to my obsessive compulsive behavior I put together a list of those who are sort of on the higher side. If I were a good girl I’d continue on, as Scott did last December. But I think I should stop now.

The Rest is Noise: 6,388 Alex Ross

Sequenza21: 25,468 Jerry Bowles

ionarts 29,474 Charles T. Downey

On an Overgrown Path: 30,945 Bob Shingleton

PostClassic: 32,411 Kyle Gann

Sandow: 36,662 Greg Sandow

La Cieca: 39,584 James Jorden

Opera Chic: 43,466 anonymous

Soho the Dog: 58,326

Jessica Duchen: 54,715 Jessica Duchen

Think Denk: 56,482 Jeremy Denk

Sounds and Fury: 58,326 AC Douglas

Adaptistration: 62,668 Drew McManus

Dial “M” for Musicology: 63,787 Phil Ford and Jonathan Bellman

Night after Night: 64,950 Steve Smith

Aworks: 68,901 Robert Gable

Jason Heath Double Bass Blog: 70,299 Jason Heath

The Concert: 73,265 Anne-Carolyn Bird

Musical Perceptions: 83, 640 Scott Spiegelberg

Oboeinsight: 85,762 (moving down, I was 59,315) me

The Rambler: 97,327 Tim Rutherford-Johnson

The Standing Room: 100,015 Monsieur C

ANABlog: 102,856 Analog Arts Ensemble

Iron Tongue of Midnight: 112,644 Lisa Hirsch

Deceptively Simple: 116,196 Marc Geelhoed

Meanwhile Here In France…: 116,196 Ruth

Sieglinde’s Diaries: 123,984 Leon Dominguez

My Favorite Intermissions: 123,984 Maury Dannato

Eric Edberg: 128,371 Eric Edberg

Wellsung: 137,846 Alex and Jonathan

Kenneth Woods-a view from the podium 148,901 Kenneth Woods

An Unamplified Voice: 148,901 JSU

Classical Music: 155,071 Janelle Gelfand

Listen: 161,712 Steve Hicken

Trill: 161,712 Nick Scholl

in the wings: 177,108 Heather Heise

On A Pacific Aisle: 177,108 Joshua Kosman

Classical Pontifications: 177,108 Professor Heebie McJeebie

Renewable Music: 195,207 Daniel Wolf

Vissi d’Amore: 195,207 Ariadne

Now for some reason I can’t get the info on twang twang twang when I plug that URL into Technorati, so if anyone can help me out on that, go right ahead! And of course if I’ve left you off just say the word. I’m happy to add more. I’m just getting lazy and I think I’ll stop.

So why bother with any of this? Of course most of it is pure “Am I still loved?” sort of stuff, but, well, maybe some of you will be check out some of these other sites. You might find some sites you really love!

From ACD (even though he doesn’t think highly of Technorati: Technorati has Twang, Twang, Twang ranked at 177,108.

So there you go.

03. March 2007 · Comments Off on Hmmm · Categories: imported, Quotes

The wild spectacle went beyond what I was expecting. But I am still determined to like The Pines of Rome.

Well, okay, this is one way to see and bask in hear Pines of Rome.

What a concert. Not my cuppa, to be sure. But this sort of thing is what some folks seem to think we need to do to win the younger hearts and souls.

03. March 2007 · Comments Off on Shall I Blame Terry Teachout? · Categories: imported, Ramble

Yesterday evening I started to feel funny. Not funny ha-ha, but funny yucky. at 4:00ish this morning I finally took my temperature. I have a fever.

I just like to blame someone, although I’ve not a clue why! Maybe because that way it isn’t my “fault” (how can getting sick be someone’s fault anyway?). Terry seems a likely culprit. Having never him in person I suppose it’s unlikely that my illness is his fault. But still … he’s sick. Now I’m sick. Coincidence? How could that be? 😉

In any case I had to call students and cancel lessons for today. I guess I won’t be going to see “The Lives of Others” with mom today, either.

But I’d better be well by Monday. I don’t have time to be sick. It’s not on the calendar … but plenty of students are, and I don’t want to keep cancelling them.

Hmmm. Speaking of students, I wonder if one of them gave me this bug. Double hmmm.