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Cellist Pablo Casals was approached by the father of one of his students who asked, “Maestro, how will my daughter know if she should become a professional?” “If she has to ask the question, then the answer is no.” Casals replied.

Ah yes. As is often the case, the parent was asking the question! We don’t know if the daughter questioned this at all, from this story. (And I have to admit I can’t guarantee, by the way, that this story is true; I only read it on a site and you know how that goes!)

I’ve heard—more times than you can imagine—the old line, “Only do it if you can’t not do it,” about the music biz. And that makes sense. But what everyone needs to know is that even if you “can’t not do it” you might not make it in music. There are no guarantees. And the “Sesame Street Lie&trade: of “You can do whatever you want to do, you can be whatever you want to be,” is simply not true.

A good back up plan is a great idea.

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