Thanks to Emerson, Lake and Palmer, I was becoming increasingly interested in classical music.

Maybe someone can explain this to me. (I read this sentence here.)

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The verdict is in (scroll down to the bottom) regarding yesterday’s news, and the oboist got a year and a day. The article says they aren’t sure if he’ll get to play oboe while in prison. I’m certain he won’t get to make oboe reeds … somehow knives and prison don’t seem to go together.

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If you program a new work on a symphony concert, it’s probably best to notify the audience sooner than right before the concert. I’d love to hear from some orchestra members … was the work really that awful?

I’ve certainly played some works that I wish had never been composed, but I think it’s best to go through with it. Let the audience and reviewers tell the tale.

Or, to be honest, let time tell the tale. If it’s a hit 100 years from now, well, there you go! 🙂

The Sonata is a composition that aims for true harmony.

-From a radio commercial. I haven’t a clue what they were selling.

An article in today’s Merc says that Opera San Jose is on the verge of getting an anonymous 2 milion dollar gift.


The article goes on to say that other arts groups may be receiving some generoua anonymous gifts as well. This is all very good news. As long as it is true, of course. I’m always nervous when I read something that is an almost-but-not-quite-done-deal. Still, it all sounds pretty close to definite.

Are there any anonymous folks out there who want to make a donation here?

… silence …

Yeah. I kinda figured!

Ballet San Jose just announced their next season. They are using Symphony Silicon Valley more. Nice. Only trouble is that both Carmina Burana and Swan Lake conflict directly with Opera San José. Not nice. This is the trouble with being in several groups that don’t share a hall. I guess I should just look on the bright side; Symphony Silicon Valley and Opera San Jose are both in the California Theatre. Whew.

On my way to UCSC today I listened to Copland’s third symphony. You know the one—it includes Fanfare for the Common Man. So at least you know part of it, even if you don’t know you know. There’s not a ton of English horn, but there’s a bit. I’ve played it before, and I can’t recall stressing over it. I’m hoping that’s the case. If it’s non-stressful it would be a great time to test out reeds for Ravel’s Piano Concerto. That’s a piece I LOVE to play … as long as the reed is (reeds are?) right.

It’s all about the reed, you know? Even Lance knows that. Don’t ya think? (Or do you think he knows what an oboe is? Hmmm. Kind of doubtful, I suppose.)

Driving on to campus there were deer right off the road. This is typical of this incredible campus; sometimes you’ll run into a line of cars that have stopped for a deer crossing. What a place to go to school!

More later … reeds, instruments and students for now.