Irene Dalis, of Opera San José fame (these days) is featured in this month’s Opera News. What fun to see my boss there! The writer spent a bit too much time on her smoking, if you ask me, but of course he didn’t ask me. So there you go.

Too bad you can’t read the article unless you subscribe to the magazine (as I do) or are a guild member. My colleagues will see the magazine when we return to the pit for Madama Butterfly.

In Other News…
Might I have shingles? The doctor thinks that’s a possibility. Sigh.

Life is always full of fun little surprises, no?

So now I just have to wait and see if this tiny rash I have grows a bit and blisters. I went in because at times the thing feels as if someone is stabbing me with a needle or knife. Not fun, to be sure. But I’ll survive. Of course.

Oh … and yes, I had chicken pox as a child; that’s the only way one gets this joyful thing. And no, I’m NOT “65 or older”, I don’t have AIDS, and I thought my immune system was just fine. The doctor did say that stress can cause this to happen, though. That’s the only thing I can figure made it happen. Ah well. So far I’m doing okay, and we still aren’t positive that I have this illness. The doctor just couldn’t think of anything else that it could be … unless it’s really just a reaction to a bug bite. Hmm.

Guess time will tell.