We live in a modern world, and in contemporary music the central fact is contamination. Not the contamination of disease but the contamination of musical styles.

If you find this in me, that is good.

-Ennio Morricone


  1. What? So is EM saying it is good to have ecclectic style? I guess if that’s what he’s saying, I agree! (but the whole disease thing is kind of off-putting)

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Heh … but he does say “not the contamination of disease”. So I guess the question is “Is contamination always a bad thing?”

    I’ll have to think on that!

    Speaking of words and all … my husband suggests that addictions aren’t always bad, to which I disagreed … he says that, for instance, an addiction to exercise or practicing isn’t bad. I say an addiction means that it’s interfering with one’s life somehow, so I have to disagree with him … so maybe even with Morricone’s quote it’s a question of how we interpret certain words.

    But I ramble … as always! 🙂