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KDFC is going to be broadcasting San Francisco Opera productions beginning on April 1. Or is this one bad April Fool’s joke?

Not according to this!

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I don’t know how many of my readers are old enough to remember Mitch Miller (and yes, he’s still alive as far as anyone I know knows); when I was a child I remember watching Sing Along With Mitch with my family. The words to the songs his group sang were at the bottom of the TV screen and so you could “Sing Along” (duh). I later had the … um … privelige (?) … to work with him when he came to conduct the San Jose Symphony (RIP) in some Children’s Health Council concerts. He was a former oboist, and it was known that he’d go up to the oboe section and sometimes play their instruments. (He didn’t do that with us.)

Anyway … long way of getting to this … you can hear Mitch Miller’s English horn playing on this recording of Autumn Leaves.

Just in case you care. (I found the music via this site.)

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Exactly as received:


This is James. I am from the United Kingdom, My son will be coming for an holiday in Us, and I wont want him to be less busy, so I want to know if you can always come or can he come for private lesson every afternoon. I will want you to get back to me with the cost of your teaching for 10 DAYS.He will be coming to your house for an hour lesson. I have someone that will always drive him down to your house. His name is Sam, He is 15 years old.I will want you to calculate 1 hour per day from Monday-Friday for the 10 DAYS and get back to me so that we can arrange on payment by Cheque

Looking forward to read from you


Okay … so this 15 year old is going to drive the student to my house and the student is having lessons every single day because his father wants him to be less busy.

You can bet I’ll be contacting him immediately.