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I don’t know how many of my readers are old enough to remember Mitch Miller (and yes, he’s still alive as far as anyone I know knows); when I was a child I remember watching Sing Along With Mitch with my family. The words to the songs his group sang were at the bottom of the TV screen and so you could “Sing Along” (duh). I later had the … um … privelige (?) … to work with him when he came to conduct the San Jose Symphony (RIP) in some Children’s Health Council concerts. He was a former oboist, and it was known that he’d go up to the oboe section and sometimes play their instruments. (He didn’t do that with us.)

Anyway … long way of getting to this … you can hear Mitch Miller’s English horn playing on this recording of Autumn Leaves.

Just in case you care. (I found the music via this site.)

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