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Sax and… some other similar-sounding instrument (oboe/bagpipe/kazoo???) wailing in harmony over ticky gongy percussion/electronics/guitar. Creepy.

I saw this at some blog. So oboe can be confused with kazoo? And bagpipes? Sigh. And we sound simlar to sax. Double sigh.

Ah well. What can ya do?

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I have now put together a page for double reed players of Mexican symphony orchestras. I’m guessing there are more than two orchestras, but I only found those two. If any readers can help, I’d be fine with that. 🙂

In addition, I’ve started a list of double reed players in African symphony orchestras. Again, I’d appreciate any help readers can provide.

And of course you can check out the other lists, beginning at this page.

It’s really impossible to keep up with all the changes. I am always appreciative of the help I receive from readers.

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Well it’s so nice to know I have a Music Personality.

Shoot, I’m happy to have any personality at all.

One result suggested I was liberal and another suggested I was conservative. I’d say that was probably correct, as I’m a Conserberal. Or a Liberative. Not sure which, really. 😉

I learned about this from Scott. (Thanks!)

In Other News
I use Adium for my IM stuff. When a new person does something (I’m not sure if the person is coming or going) you hear three notes. To me, they are the first three notes of “Jesus Christ, Superstar”. The notes are G – E – C, descending; and yes, the opposite — leaving or arriving, I’m just not sure— is a C – E- G … a broken C major chord. When I hear that I just hear the chord. Go figure.

I’m not sure what this says about me. (I’m not exactly an Sir ALW fanatic or anything. Hmmm.)

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I just received a call from San Francisco Opera. Because we’ve bought tickets in the past, they of course would like a donation from us. One suggestion was something like $7,000. Heh. She gave up on me about that (finally) but then encouraged me to buy tickets to an opera.

So here’s the huge OH DEAR! The telemarketer couldn’t pronounce ANY of the three operas. Yikes! They are doing Don Giovanni, Iphigénie en Tauride and Der Rosenkavalier. Now of course those aren’t titles we say every day, but wouldn’t you think they would coach those they hire? I mean … Der Rosenkavalier was hysterical. She wasn’t even able to pronounce it phonetically. Not even close. Yikes!

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Amazon.com, the world’s biggest online retailer, will start a separate website dedicated to classical music.

Classical music was the second-fastest growing music category at Amazon.com in 2006, the Seattle-based company said. A dwindling number of music stores and shrinking classical-music sections increased demand on its website, the company said.

I read this here. (I think the blurb could have used an editor. Ya think?)