13. March 2007 · Comments Off on My Music Personality … Or So They Say! · Categories: imported, Links

Well it’s so nice to know I have a Music Personality.

Shoot, I’m happy to have any personality at all.

One result suggested I was liberal and another suggested I was conservative. I’d say that was probably correct, as I’m a Conserberal. Or a Liberative. Not sure which, really. 😉

I learned about this from Scott. (Thanks!)

In Other News
I use Adium for my IM stuff. When a new person does something (I’m not sure if the person is coming or going) you hear three notes. To me, they are the first three notes of “Jesus Christ, Superstar”. The notes are G – E – C, descending; and yes, the opposite — leaving or arriving, I’m just not sure— is a C – E- G … a broken C major chord. When I hear that I just hear the chord. Go figure.

I’m not sure what this says about me. (I’m not exactly an Sir ALW fanatic or anything. Hmmm.)

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