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The same day I read that the oboist who was in the awful accident that took two of her colleagues lives is going back to work (for one short work), I read that another musician has been killed while driving home from a job. Both were head on collisions.

No words ….

(This article is about the surviving musician, the oboist, from the accident in Oregon.)

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With little or no comment …

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  • Okay. That’s enough now. Time for dinner.

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    Why did KDFC say this week was Passion Week when I was listening yesterday? I know one reader will say it’s because they are idiots. But really … what makes this week Passion Week? Does some particular sect have an earlier Easter? Or am I the idiot? Maybe the answer is obvious?

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    “We’ve found that by playing music — an action thought of as a function of the neocortex — a person may actually be tuning the brainstem,” says Kraus. “This suggests that the relationship between the brainstem and neocortex is a dynamic and reciprocal one and tells us that our basic sensory circuitry is more malleable than we previously thought.”

    RTW here.

    I found this via Jason Heath’s blog entry. He found it via a new site to me.

    I’m feeling so very smart. Or at least I’m thinking my brain stem is happy. Or something.

    Right now I’m sitting in a San Mateo coffeeshop; I have “Kiddie Concerts” up here, and to make sure I knew where I was going and would land a parking space, I came directly from dropping Jameson off at school. I thought I’d have an hour or more to “waste” before driving to the venue. Traffic. Sigh. I’m glad I left early, but I’ll bet if I’d waited 30 minutes I would have avoided the ReallyAwfulTraffic (RAT)™

    Yesterday’s rehearsals went well, but I had forgotten about the a couple of the movements of Copland; they can be “interesting” to put together. Counting. It’s what’s for dinner.

    Or something like that.