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I just received an email about some singers. Here’s a bit of the blurb, minues any names:

Despite divergent backgrounds and different methods of rebellion against the classical singing they both adored, that [deleted] and [deleted] met and ended up releasing [deleted], their debut for [deleted] Records, makes a sort of sense as gorgeous as the haunting and affecting recording itself.

Hmmm. Am I supposed to be enticed by the fact that they rebelled againt the “classical singing they adored”?

It goes on to say that the “collection is the work of two singers frustrated by musical limits and generously attentive to their current and potential audiences.”

Aw. They’ve been “frustrated by musical limits”? Poor dears. I’m so glad, though, that they are an attentive pair. Whew.

The rest of us are never frustrated, and of course we couldn’t care less about our current or potential audiences. What a unique pair they are. 😉

Call me stupid. The whole thing didn’t do it for me. I think I was supposed to put some info at my site. I’m not naming names. Since I’m being so darn negative. Maybe I’m just tired, and tomorrow I’ll start raving.

In one way or another.

It could happen.

I guess I’ll probably check out their work sometime, but for some reason “Il Divo” comes to mind awfully quickly. And that doesn’t make me exactly brimming with curiosity or anticipation.

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