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I’m behind … again. I need to update the page on double reed camps, festivals, workshops and more. But I did just put a few new things on those pages so check ’em out of you are interested. I am realizing a few things about those pages: 1) I can never keep up! (Duh) 2) These are all organized very poorly and I should reorganize. 3) Once again a lot of deadlines have already passed so if you are interested in these places you had better check to see if there are still openings.

Such is life.

Of course I can’t keep up with any of my other pages either. I’m certain the Double Reed Musicians pages are in dire need of help. Do email me if you have any updates, please!

At least I’ve managed to get the current auditons page fairly up to date, although I need to take the Buffalo and Fort Collins auditions off of the list. (Anyone know who won Buffalo?)

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At the request of the organization:

The John Mack Oboe Camp:
Continuing the Legacy at Wildacres will take
place in Little Switzerland, NC from June 17-22, 2007. Frank Rosenwein
and Jeffrey Rathbun, both of the Cleveland Orchestra, will be teaching
this year. Thom Moore, oboist and three time Grammy award winning
Producer for Telarc International, will be giving a seminar on the
specifics and difficulties of recording the oboe. Repair specialist John
Symer will teach basic instrument repair. The focus of camp will be
standard etudes, orchestral excerpts, solo literature and reedmaking.
More information and an online application are available at

(This is not a personal recommendation. I’m just posting it because I’m nice that way. 😉

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Totally understandable that you would look weird with an oboe because everyone looks weird with an oboe.

-Christopher O’Riley of From the Top (heard on this video, which you really should watch! That part is hysterical, but there’s so much more.)

So From the Top will be on the Tube. Hmmm. From the Tube Top? I dunno. Something anyway. I learned about this from Classically Hip.

Want more classical kid vids? Go here. 🙂

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… or something like that.

If you go here you can play around with instruments and sound (no oboe, though) while moving the mouse around. And you can watch little squiggly lines and other designs. Kinda fun.

For a while, anyway.

Definitely more fun than making oboe reeds. 😉

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The UCSC Opera Program has been honored with the National Opera Association’s “Opera Production Award” for its production of Benjamin Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream last year.

I saw the production and it was quite good. You can read the entire article here.

The UC Santa Cruz Music Department will present a week-long opera symposium titled New Directions in Contemporary Opera, April 3-7, on the university campus.

Full story.

If you haven’t attended a UCSC opera, you have a chance to do so in May and June. They will be putting on The Magic Flute from May 30 through June 3. Check it out.

We have two kiddie concerts today. We don’t play all of what we played for Saturday and Sunday, but just snippets of each work. So I can’t call these two back-to-back concerts two more concerts. In some ways they hardly even equal one, since the full works that are played are from the Kodaly.

But I do have to be there for a 10:00 show. Early for us music folk, but not early for a mom who drives her son to school at 7:00. Still, I must think about getting into black. Jeans and a sweatshirt wouldn’t go over well with the boss! 🙂

My right hand is a bit sore. I haven’t played this much EH in quite some time. Because I don’t use a peg or neck strap, the hand can get a wee bit tired.

Next up is Verdi’s Requiem. I’ve played it before. I still see my notes in the second oboe part, but for the life of me I can’t remember when it was that I did it. Newer notes are in someone else’s writing, so it could have been that I did this quite some time ago. I wish I had signed and dates some of these works, just so I could look back and say, “Ah! Now I remember!” (Although would I remember even then? Hmm. Doubtful.)

Anyway, it’s time to get ready for those kiddos!