We have two kiddie concerts today. We don’t play all of what we played for Saturday and Sunday, but just snippets of each work. So I can’t call these two back-to-back concerts two more concerts. In some ways they hardly even equal one, since the full works that are played are from the Kodaly.

But I do have to be there for a 10:00 show. Early for us music folk, but not early for a mom who drives her son to school at 7:00. Still, I must think about getting into black. Jeans and a sweatshirt wouldn’t go over well with the boss! 🙂

My right hand is a bit sore. I haven’t played this much EH in quite some time. Because I don’t use a peg or neck strap, the hand can get a wee bit tired.

Next up is Verdi’s Requiem. I’ve played it before. I still see my notes in the second oboe part, but for the life of me I can’t remember when it was that I did it. Newer notes are in someone else’s writing, so it could have been that I did this quite some time ago. I wish I had signed and dates some of these works, just so I could look back and say, “Ah! Now I remember!” (Although would I remember even then? Hmm. Doubtful.)

Anyway, it’s time to get ready for those kiddos!


  1. Hope you have (had) a good time at the kiddie concerts, sometimes those are the best ones! Our orchestra doesn’t really have any yet – although we do a family concert in January but it’s at night. When I started, they actually had advertised NOT to bring your kids if they were under six (not too friendly for a family environment)…They should really call it an “intro to the orchestra” night or something, and make it “great for kids as young as six!” instead of starting out saying to bring your whole family and then, whoops- but NO nasty children! It’s all in perception; I used to be a graphic designer (before the kid) and still do freelance, so I have done more marketing than anyone involved with our little orchestra, but will they listen to me? NO. Ah well, probably better to be out of it!

    Just wanted to say I don’t like using a strap for the eh unless I’m playing a LOT, but then I really try to use it even in shows (if I have time to hook it up!) because it makes a huge difference in wrist pain. Even though it is a pain and at first it bugs me, I get used to it fast and I am sort of terrified of getting carpal tunnel problems (runs in the family). 

    good luck!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Well, a family concert shouldn’t be a night. That might help, eh?

    We had four kiddie concerts for this set, and they all went over well. It’s always great to see young faces in the audience.

    I don’t like the strap; if I used anything at all with EH I’d use the peg. (Aside from when I solo, then I have a strap, but I actually don’t really use it — it’s just a safety thing!) I found that the neck strap caused me to “pull” a bit, and it was bad on the neck. I really prefer to use nothing while I’m able. I’ll probably need a peg at some point. Unfortunately the peg I know about isn’t made to fit my Rigotaut. But I have fairly macho hands, so I rarely struggle. I just hadn’t played EH in a while.