Remember when I wrote about the anonymous donor who was planning on giving tons of money to various arts groups?

The guy was a scam artist, or of the slimiest sort.

What a horrible thing to do. Who would be so unkind? Who would choose arts groups? I hope they catch the guy.



  1. That is a disgusting tale.  I also hope they catch the guy… and give everyone involved in the arts groups who were promised money a chance to take a whack at him, like a pinata.

    OK, maybe not.  But it would be deserved.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Yeah, it IS disgusting. And I do so hope that they catch this person. He is such slime. Sigh.

  3. I think that Mosher guy is due a lot of blame. Who would believe those tales? He said he’s “not naive”, but come on! Maybe he’s just plain dumb then?

    Meanwhile, it said the Opera really is getting 2 million from another real donor. That sounds like good news!  

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    I’m not sure I’d say Mosher is to “blame” for anything other than getting scammed. It can happen to anyone. The guy has obviously gotten along in life doing this as his career.

    Are we to blame, then, anytime we get scammed? Is the scammer not responsible and the guilty party?

    Ah well. We’ll have to disagree on this one!

    I am glad about the other money, though. Having already dealt with a symphony dying, I never want to see it happen again, that’s for sure.