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So, if you happen to be going to the Canary Islands in April ….

I just received an email (spam?) about some company that does supertitles for opera companies. For the life of me I can’t figure out why they contacted me, but whatever. In any case, I just cracked up at that line I pasted above.

Sure. Me. Canary Islands. I just “happen to be going.” In April. Riiiggghhhtt.

If they want to finance my way.

Vacations. Those are in the future. And somehow I am guessing the Canary Islands won’t even fall into the future for yours truly. (My list: Germany (I have a brother and his family there), Italy (please, oh please), England, Scotland, Ireland, France Greece … okay, the list goes on and on.)

I find it very difficult to schedule vacations. First of all, they cost a lot of money. But then there’s the problem of, “What if I get a gig?” Sometimes I don’t get hired until the last minute. Turning down jobs is a bad idea, and of course I need any income I can get. So I’m seeing vacations in my future, but I’m not really up for scheduling anything big at this point in time.

Besides, we do have one more child to put through college!

Speaking of that … Jameson has his final musical theatre production at Lincoln High School. They open tonight with Fiddler on the Roof and he plays Motel the tailor. (That was my favorite part when I saw the movie years ago, and continues to be the part I’m most attracted to. I hate sewing. Go figure.)

Jameson as Motel:

I’ll attend the show tonight, and go one final time next week. This is the end of an era … no more high school musical theatre. Hard to believe, but there you go.

Jameson isn’t certain where he’ll attend college yet, but yesterday we toured UCSC. Now wouldn’t it be something if he and I were on the same campus? (I’ve promised I’d not bother him at all … but if he ever wanted a free lunch he’d know how to get one!)

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