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Recently, I accompanied a faculty recital at UNM. In addition to being a well-liked and respected oboe professor, Kevin is the principal oboist of the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra. Afterwards, I was taken aback by the dearth of his colleagues that were in attendance in the audience. It reminded me that every time I take personal offense at other’s lack of support, I should remember that it isn’t about me. But I wonder, if we aren’t partly making music for one another, for whom are we making music? Another musician I worked with recently made recital flyers that read, “This isn’t your sister’s flute recital. Disrupt your day.” Disrupt your day. It may me laugh out loud, but his point was well taken. It may take some disruption of our schedules and our lives to get us to support one another.

Read here, a site I’ve only recently discovered … check it out! Great writing. Honest. Real.

… and how often do I manage to skip a colleagues performance? Too often, I’m sorry to say.

I know I’m not the only one. We are a funny (in a sad sort of way) bunch much of the time, or so it seems to me. I know, too, that we musicians often have certain expectations; we think we are deserving of free tickets to concerts. Heaven forbid we pay to attend a concert! I even heard one musician say that “a musician should never have to purchase a ticket to a concert!” I’m not sure why that should be the case, but there you go. Free CDs? We want ’em. We copy our friends’ CDs so we don’t have to buy anything. Music? Boy are we known for copying copyrighted music.

I think it’s because we often feel like we are underpaid and underappreciated. So we somehow justify these things we do. Go figure.

So buy recordings or music on occasion. And go to concerts. Pay now and then. Maybe someone will do the same for you! 🙂

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